a multicultural education

Language school in Lausanne

Language Links Lausanne - diplômes internationaux

Our vision

  • We train students to learn languages (French, German and Swiss German, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese...) in a multicultural context

  • We prepare them to achieve internationally recognized degrees in a stimulating and creative environment

Language Links Lausanne - étudiants internationaux

Our mission

  • Expand students' worldview and develop their confidence in using a new language

  • Implementing creative solutions that allow any student to accelerate their learning process

  • Contribute through our individualized support to the achievement of the learners' professional goals

Language Links Lausanne - apprentissage langue

Our values

  • Consulting - Our students come from all over the world. We help them to integrate into the local way of life through a careful and personalized follow-up

  • Conviviality - We are convinced that the learning of a language is favored when the exchanges take place in a convivial atmosphere

  • Flexibility - Our school is constantly reflecting to adjust to the needs and changes dictated by the evolution of the market

Language Links Lausanne - ressources linguistiques

Our quality

  • Students - Offer high value-added training that enables them to demonstrate certified language skills

  • Teachers - Develop their skills and enrich the tools at their disposal

  • The world of work - Providing language resources adapted to the requirements of companies in relation to their field of activity