1 - Do you take care of visa formalities for students ?

Yes, if you desire, we can guide you through the whole visa procedure and prepare most important documents (CHF 600.- additionnal processing fees).

2 – Are schooling fees refunded if my visa request is refused ?

Yes, we refund all schooling fees. The visa processing fees are non-refundable however.

3 – Are there additionnal fees other than thoses cited in your offers ?


4 – Am I allowed to take any holidays if I study for one year ?

Yes, generally one month per year.

5 – Can I come to Switzerland with a tourist visa and then ask for a student's visa ?

No, all visa procedures must be undertaken from your home country.

6 – How long must I wait before receiving my visa ?

Normally, you should get your visa within 3 -4 months after the submission of your request.

7 - Is your school recognized by swiss authorities ?

Yes. We are an ISO 29990:2010 accredited institution. Moreover, we are part of the Vaudois Association of Private Schools (AVDEP), the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS), and the Swiss Private School Register (SPSR).

8 - What is the success rate of your students on official exams ?

94 % (average for 2013-2016).

9 – What are my chances of getting a student visa ?

You can find some statistics on visa requests on the website of the State Secretary for Migration. The age of the candidates, their origin and their level of education are all considered by the swiss authorities.

10 – Does the school issue an attestation of studies at the end of the program ?

Yes, the school issues an attestation of linguistic competence on the base of your examination results (min. 80% participation rate).

11 – Can I enroll in your school online ?

12 – Can I study in Switzerland for more than one year ?

Yes, visas can be renewed on an annual basis as long as examination results are favorable.

13 – Am I allowed to work during my studies ?

No. However professionnal internships are permitted in a higher education context

14 – Can I leave the Schengen zone with my student permit ?

Yes, as long as you have the B student permit.

15 – Must I speak French or Engish order to get my visa ?

Minimum requirements are A1 (entry-level) English skills.

16 – Can you provide a template for a CV and/or motivation letter ?

You can find some examples on the following webistes : career-and-succes.ch / manpower.ch

17 – Until what age do I have a reasonnable chance of receiving a visa ?

Usually 30 years old.

18 – Can I follow language courses online if my request for a student visa is rejected ?

Yes. We offer an e-learning program at a reduced cost.