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Levels – European Language Portfolio

One of the aims of the “Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”, Council of Europe reference document for the European Language Portfolio, is to help partners to describe the levels of proficiency required by existing standards, tests and examinations in order to facilitate comparisons between different systems of qualifications. For this purpose the Council of Europe has developed a European Framework with common reference levels.
There does appear in practice to be a wide consensus on the number and nature of levels appropriate to the organisation of language learning and the public recognition of achievement.
These six levels are an interpretation of the classic division into basic, intermediate and advanced.
The scheme proposed in the “Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” adopts a “Hypertext” branching principle, starting from an initial division into three broad levels:
Basic User : A1 and A2
Independent User : B1 and B2
Proficient User : C1 and C2
Such a simple “Global Scale” makes it easier to communicate the system to non-specialist users and will also provide teachers and curriculum planners with orientation points.
However, in order to orient learners, teachers and other users within the educational system for some practical purpose, a more detailed overview is necessary. Such an overview is presented in the form of a Self-Assessment Grid showing major categories of language use at each of the six levels. It is intended to help learners to profile their main language skills, and decide at which level they might look at a checklist of more detailed descriptors in order to self-assess their level of proficiency.


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