Brief Presentation of The School – Language Links Lausanne

The school is specialised in French, English, German and Schwitzertütsch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.
Initially an English school, Language Links has earned a solid reputation for its excellent teaching over the last 20 years, and gained the trust of many students as well as local companies, such as banks, insurance companies and branches of industry. We have the eduQua quality certification and are members of the following professional associations : AVDEP, FSEP, and the Private School Register.
Groups for adults and young people 16-18 years of age. Rapid learning of current language facilitated by the use of modern methods. For each language a business option is also possible.


1. Registration

Each participant must fill in and sign a registration form on the first day of the course at the latest. The signed registration form has the same value as a contract. With his or her registration the student declares that he or she has taken note of the general conditions and has accepted them in their entirety. The minimum age is 16. For minors, the registration form requires parental agreement (co-signature of the contract).

2. Finances

A registration fee of CHF 30.- is added to the course tuition fees and is paid on reception of the first bill. The tuition fees must be settled by means of the payment slip attached to the bill.
Payment of other expenses arising from the courses (bocks, material, registration for official examinations, teacher’s transportation costs, etc.) is carried out in the same way as for the tuition fees.
Bills must be paid within the time limit indicated.
Each bill which is due but unpaid within this time is considered as a recognition of debt according to article 82 LP of Swiss Law.
Concerning courses of specific length, the total amount of the tuition fees must be paid in advance.
Intensive courses of 6 to 12 months’ duration with an “entry visa”

In accordance with instructions given by the Swiss authorities, if an “entry visa” is required by the Population Service, half at least of the total amount of the tuition fees must be paid in advance (that is : 3 months for a stay of 6 months, 6 months for a stay of 12 months). An administration fee (CHF. 300.-) for each student’s file is added to the tuition fees and must also be paid in advance. This administration fee cannot be refunded.

3. Withdrawal from courses and absences

Intensive courses of 6 to 12 months with an “entry visa”

If the student does not begin the course or stops attending during the first 6 months, for whatever reason, even in the case of expulsion form Swiss territory, there will be no reimbursement of the tuition fees. After the first 6 months, any interruption of studies must be announced in writing by registered letter, 1 month in advance of the end of the current school term (when the interruption can begin). The Population Service will also be informed. A fee of CHF 250.-, to close the student’s file will be charged. In the case of circumstances beyond the student’s control (“force majeure”) – and following a written request from the student – Language Links may allow the student to continue the course at a later date.

Other intensive or weekly group courses

For group courses no refund or compensation will be granted for absences, excused or not. If the participant does not start the studies, he is obliged to pay for the course until he provides a written request to stop the studies. In this situation the first month will be automatically charged. When a participant wishes to stop attending a course, he or she must inform Language Links in writing (letter, fax, e-mail). To be valid, this communication must reach the school before the end of the current month. If attendance is interrupted mid-month, feed for the whole month are due.

Private and semi-private courses

Any cancellation of private or semi-private course must be announced 24 hours in advance.

4. Absences due to holidays

For weekly group courses, absences due to holidays – and planned for a duration of at most 2 consecutive weeks – or due to military service, must be announced in writing 2 weeks in advance. There will be no reimbursement. However, the next billing period will be lengthened by the same number of weeks.

5. Absences in case of accident or illness

In the case of an accident or serious illness, the student’s participation can be postponed until later in the year. A medical certificate will be required. Any other absence from a group course, for whatever reason, cannot be taken into consideration and the course will be charged to the participant.

6. Billing

Group courses are billed quarterly (every 3 months) dating from the student’s registration before the beginning of the course. The fees for private and semi-private courses are billed before the beginning of the course. The paid fees are valid for 1 year. Fees paid for courses not taken within this time cannot be refunded.